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I’m Silvana Favaretto

When I was a little girl, who I was always seemed to be in direct opposition to who I was expected to be.
My family was poor, but I wanted to dress up (even if it was in hand-me-downs).
I was sheltered, but I wanted to see the world.
I was taught to never rock the boat, but I wanted to speak my mind.
When I headed to the U.S. for an exchange program it was the first time I met women who had big dreams for themselves: Women who were empowered and ready to work.
Seems like the perfect launching point to finally be who I always to be, right?

You don’t have to be bold by yourself

Instead, I found myself with zero confidence.
I chased my dreams anyway, with no clue what I was doing. I failed big, had huge setbacks, and was in total limbo.
Here I was, halfway to my dream life, but completely broken in the process.
Over the past 12 years, I’ve won my confidence back. I’ve rewritten the script for my dream life, and found exactly who I was meant to be.
Now, I want to show you how to do the same
thing—without the pain, heartache, and missteps.

You are smart, capable, and ready for more!

So why does it feel like you are not getting anywhere? Or that you have an okay life, but nothing extraordinary ever happens?

There’s more to your story!

I can show you how to rewrite your script and live the life you deserve.
Work with me to gain…

Real Confidence

End your addiction to praise. Learn how to self-validate and thrive, regardless of others’ opinions.

Emotional Truth

Embrace the spectrum of your emotions. Discover how to feel your feelings without being weighed down.

Community Support

Enter a sisterhood of people who want you to succeed, and who are paving the way for the power of womanhood.

“I was not at a good place prior to working with Silvana. It was time for a re-charge! Throughout the 8 weeks, I was able to share and receive amazing feedback from both Silvana and the group. My experience was a combination of healing and growth. The peer accountability, support and self-awareness allowed me to come out with added confidence, inspiration, and tools that helped accelerate my personal growth journey!”

- Melissa N.

3 Ways to Join My

Bold Bombshell Club

Be Bold, Bombshell

When you walk into a room full of strangers, what happens? Do you beeline for the bar? Pull out your mobile security blanket? Stay glued to the one person you know, never branching out?

Bold Bombshell is an 8-week course that helps you find your passion, harness your confidence, and stand out from the crowd.

Silvana Speaks

Ready to empower the women you lead?

Book Silvana to speak at your next event, and bring a huge boost of confidence, fun, and girl power. Silvana is dedicated to helping women and girls everywhere drop the fear and embrace their own unique path in life.

Bold Tribe

Join a community of strong women who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.
This FREE community connects a network of female trailblazers from all walks of life. Entrepreneurs, influencers, students, artists, mothers, and more, all working to lift and learn from one another on the way.
“Working with Silvana Favaretto has really helped me overcome my fears and resolve issues I didn’t realize were holding me back. She helped to unleash my skills and knowledge so I can get focused on my authentic direction and apply myself to my full potential—as a result I am more confident and am also eagerly starting my own business. I’m finally excited for my future and looking forward to witnessing more women overcome any challenges and obstacles. We’re in this together!”
- Ericca A.


How to be the




A FREE guide for you to take ownership in all areas of your life.

Meet your


Silvana Favaretto is a life coach dedicated to helping women discovering their natural vibrance, without watering down their true selves. With over a decade of study around emotional intelligence, Silvana founded the women’s empowerment group Bold Tribe, speaks to women from all walks of life, and offers courses on harnessing your own bold femininity.

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